Welcome to my site!  One of my passions throughout my life has been sewing.  My mother taught me to sew at around the age of six and I have never looked back.  I remember sitting on a blanket on the lawn in the summer and creating doll clothes for my dolls with the scraps my mother gave me.  Hand sewing was and is fun but there is nothing like a sewing machine and the marvelous journeys it can take you on. Children now are beginning to turn away from so much technology and rediscovering the joys of creating.  Whereas about 10 years ago children loved the use of technology to learn and share in the classroom, students now are choosing to turn away from them and use more hands-on creative ways to demonstrate what they learned.  Since creative arts have always been a big piece of my own education and joy,  I am pleased to see their interest returning to sewing, art, crocheting, knitting, painting and so many other creative endeavors!

With the advent of all the sewing machines today, computer machines, sergers, quilting machines, and embroidery machines, I am seeing a resurgence of sewing and crafting. Anything handmade is special because it is made with love. Over the years I have taken advantage of this and taught children and adults to sew as an after school activity in public schools, in Joann’s and in my home. The lessons learned were varied; how to operate a machine, how to read and follow directions, how to develop strong fine motor skills, how to turn mistakes into unique treasures, how to be responsible for your machine and supplies, how to pick out materials for projects, how to think outside the box when creating and how to mend and repair to name a few.  I loved watching my students learn the skill of sewing, the fun of creating and their experiencing pride in their work.

Having recently retired from a long career teaching in public education, I find myself at the beginning of a new journey, retirement or as I prefer to call it, rewirement.  This blog is the beginning of that journey.  How will I shape rewirement for me? I began with two goals, paying more attention to my own needs and putting them ahead of other things for the first time in my life and spending hours doing what I love to do, being creative.  With the arrival of my first grandchild, a granddaughter,  in May I am having a great deal of fun making quilts, clothes and toys for her!  I hope that my blog will motivate and inspire many to spend more time being creative and for those nearing or entering retirement, read and learn as I navigate this new landscape to create a fun, purposeful life for myself!  Every day is a new gift of time to enjoy!